Ever wonder why basement bathrooms always look YUKI? The hard truth is that of a perception problem. Most people have the impression that because a bathroom is in the basement that it should be really cheap to renovate. In actual fact, most basement bathrooms can be more expensive to properly renovate than your main bathroom. Once people see the actual costs involved to properly renovate a basement bathroom - they have a very hard time wrapping their arms around this fact and guess what happens - They either do it themselves or with the help of a friend or family member. They may even hire someone that is totally unqulified to do this type of work because they will do it for cheap. The result - YUKI looking basement bathroom.

Most people ask why is it so expensive? - It's only in the basement. Here's Why!


1) The labor cost to renovate a basement bathroom is no different than your upstairs bathroom. It costs the same to install a toilet downstairs as it does to install upstairs.
2) The building materials, plumbing or electrical supplies cost no less because the work is in the basment.
3) Many times you have many added costs to renovate the basement bathroom because everything is so improperly installed to begin with that it has to be ripped out and re-done.


When a bathroom in the basement does not already exisit - now you not only have the cost of the fixtures that need to be installed, but you also have the added costs of the room that needs to be built and the services required for the room. When your upstairs main bathroom or master bath is being renovated, you have already paid for the room, walls, ceiling, and services such as plumbing, heating and electrical when you bought the house. With a brand new bathroom in the basement the floor has to be dug up for the plumbing under the floor, hot and cold water lines behind the walls, electrical for lighting etc, heating, insulation etc and of course a finished room. Once again, most people cannot justify these type of costs for the basment and will attempt to do it themselves.

TIP - If you are going to be putting a brand new basement bathroom where one does not currenlty exisit - you will need a PERMIT. When you are getting quotes for having this done - ask if they will be getting a permit. If the Response is that you do not need one - Show them the front door as quickly as possible. There can only be 2 reasons for their response.

1) The are lying to you or
2) They do not know what they are talking about
Regardless of which reason it is - it is not a good position for you.

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