I'm sure that everyone has watched those reality t.v. reno programs. I think these shows are a great service to the public as there is some teriific information on those shows and are very well done. If there is one subtle message in all of those programs it's that you must hire the right company for the project if you wish to get it done right. However you must remember that it is after all a t.v. show and it is staged.
Projects that may take weeks and months have to be edited into a half hour time slot.
The major down side however is the unrealistic costs that are thrown around and the public is left with impression that some of these major projects are not that expensive to get done. I recently saw a show where a complete basement, kitchen and bathroom reno was done for a homeowner at a cost of $25,000 for everything. Now heres the truth - this particular homeowner did only pay $25,000 for the project, but that was only a fraction of the true cost. You see - the actual true cost of the project was actually paid by the advertisers be it the elecrical company on the job or plumbing company or the company whose products are being used and installed. Ever notice that when you watching one of these programs, they flash the name of the electrical of plumbing company. So what happens is that these companies shall supply their labor and get tv advertising in return. So in actual fact, this particular project that may have cost this homeowner 25,000, may have an actual cost of well over $100,000.

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