There is nothing on this website that is more valuable to you than these tips listed below for peace of mind renovation.

  1. Start with a realistic budget for your project and discuss it with your renovation expert. He/she more than anyone else will know if your budget will meet your expectations.
  2. Hire a bathroom renovation specialist. Your bathroom is one of the most complex rooms in the house. You want to hire someone that strictly specializes in bathrooms and is familiar with all of its challenges.
  3. Your bathroom remodel specialist should have a showroom, supply you with the product and do the actual work. This does not mean purchasing products at a retail store and then having them refer you to some of their contractor clients to do the work. You do not want to get stuck in the middle – not a good position for you.
  4. Make sure that your renovator has Workman’s Comp and Liability Insurance. Workman’s Comp is the single largest cost in this industry and by law, everyone must have it. Everyone will tell you that they have it, but the hard truth is that most do not. Ask to see their insurance policy and their clearance certificate. You can also call WSIB yourself to confirm if in fact your renovator is covered and current. They’re more than happy to hear from you.

We are often asked, “What is the most important part of the bathroom remodel process and where do I start?”


We can assure you that if you follow the above steps you will in fact have a piece of mind renovation and a bathroom that will meet or exceed your expectations.


  1. Not hiring the right company/person for the project
  2. Not allowing the proper time frame required to complete the project to meet your expectations
  3. Not having a realistic budget for your project and then hiring a company/person that will do your project for that budget.
  4. Buying your product at a big box store or a retail plumbing store that does not actually do the work and then hiring someone else to do the work.
  5. Do not make cash deals to save on HST – you have no paperwork, no warranty, and no recourse.
  6. Be wary if someone can start your project right away. Real pros are busy and in great demand. Booking your project and their time may have a normal timeframe of 8 – 12 weeks.
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