Our 2-Year Warranty

Our no-nonsense 2-year installation bathroom warranty covers the complete installation of all products and fixtures supplied by Superior Bath Reno Inc. Any leaks to the hot and cold pressure lines or drain lines or fixture failures will be repaired or replaced at our discretion for a full 2 years including any parts or labor required. We do not warranty areas beyond our control as outlined below.

  1. Pre-existing clogged drains, plumbing or electrical issues.
  2. Clogged toilets or drains once project completed.
  3. Abuse or misuse of any kind.
  4. Third party actions/Force Majeure (Acts of God, fire, vandalism, theft, weather elements, earthquakes, etc.)
  5. Electrical devises and components (switches, GFI outlets, lights and bulbs, fan motors, etc.)
  6. Any and all glass products, mirrors etc.
  7. Grout or silicone discoloration, separation, shrinkage, etc.
  8. Preventative maintenance – i.e. mold, silicone treatment, caulking and  re-caulking.
  9. Normal aging process.
  10. Defects which are not reported prior to the expiration of warranty period.
  11. Unauthorized product repairs, modifications or alterations.
  12. Hand shower hoses, brackets, slide bars, and bathroom accessories including shower rods of any type and grab bars.
  13. Door swelling or Formica laminate countertops due to moisture.
  14. Cosmetic surfaces such as spider cracks etc.
  15. Door hinges and drawer sliders.
  16. We do not do work on or warranty rental properties or units.
  17. Our warranty is limited to the repairing and or replacing the product or fixture at our discretion.
  18. Our 2-year warranty does not cover products or services provided by Superior Bath Reno at no charge.
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